Have you been looking for a solution that will help you feel more aligned and in balance with your hormones?

Do you find yourself bloated and exhausted more times than not?

Do you want to learn how to BE more confident and trusting with yourself?

Would you love to create inner peace and clarity within whilst building stronger and deeper relationships with your family and friends?

If you are ready to explore rituals to support mind, body and soul and learn how to nourish yourself for vitality and good gut health, this is for you!

Not only will you learn why your body does what it does, and how you can be in control of your emotions and energy, you will unlock your most authentic self as you learn how to create a strong and open mindset with heart-centered self-care rituals and practices to enhance and manifest the life you came here to live.

Welcome to The Whole Health Project!

The Whole Health Project is a 12-week program designed to take you on a deep dive mind and body journey with naturopathic and nutritional education that will empower you to make choices that feel right for you, your body type and your current life season.

This is where the magic of you starts to come through!

What do you get when you join The Whole Health Project?

Each week we will dive into a new topic, receive practical training + guided journal enquiry activities delivered via video, PDFs and handouts (including The Wholeself Life Blueprint).

But that is not all!

An important ingredient when we are expanding and exploring our personal growth and learning is deepening connection and community, so you will get access to a Private Facebook group to connect with, and to provide & receive support from, The Whole Health Project community as you journey together for 12 weeks.

PLUS, we will meet online face to face with a fortnightly coaching and Q&A Zoom call (and if you cannot make it, we will record the session and upload the replay into the Facebook Group).

This program has been designed to provide educational and practical content alongside group discussions and Q&A sessions to bridge any gaps and empower you to breakthrough any blocks or resistance that may arise, whilst bringing awareness and understanding to you around what is affecting your moods and motivation.

During the program you will be supported by a strong team, but the main concept within this is that you take away practical steps to create long-lasting change and have a tool kit to turn to when old habits come rushing back in (which they do).

Over the 12-weeks you will start to see a combination of mind and body changes that may include:

✔ Better quality sleep

✔ More energy and vitality

✔ Clearer skin and stronger hair and nails

✔ Improved gut health (less bloating and gassy tummy – who doesn’t want that) and reduced anxiety and IBS

✔ Balanced emotional health and reduced anxiety

✔ An ability to speak your truth with clear boundaries, whilst building stronger relationships (with yourself and others)

✔ More confidence in yourself, your decisions and in your body

✔ A deeper inner-self relationship

✔ An ability to create self-care and soul aligned rituals that create more calm, clarity and purpose.

I know how important this work is needed for us women, and how powerful it is when we come together in circle and community, in sisterhood, in togetherness and how this can lead us to powerful and transformational growth, awareness and belief in ourselves.

Now here are your BONUSES that I am giving to you just because you are investing in yourself!


Wondering what you should eat to nourish your body?

I have you covered with weekly eBooks filled with easy, tasty, real food recipes, meal plans and shopping lists.

Week 1

Elimination diet with whole, real food recipes that remove heavy, sugary and processed foods. You won't miss them I promise!

Weeks 3 - 4

Follow a 21 day reset to improve your gut health, sleep and energy

Weeks 5 - 7

Follow a 21 day whole foods, real food eating to get into a consistent way of eating that nourishes your body and increases variety and nutrient intake.

Weeks 8-12

You choose to repeat any of the previous weeks or follow a women's hormone balancing meal plan, a thyroid specific meal plan or a Mediterranean meal plan.


To kick-off the program, you will have a welcome session with Carissa in our first week which will include a mini-consultation to receive a nervous system supporting Herbal Tonic blend (total value: $130 / *due to restrictions, the herbal tonic can only be sent to Australian and New Zealand participants)


FOR BOTH OF YOU! This will be a personalised coaching session for you to ask any questions about the work you are doing that is related to you personally. (valued at: $180 per person)

(*you must select the option to purchase both sessions together and your session must be used within the 12-weeks program)

Course Curriculum

  Week 1: The Beginning: Review & Reflection
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Week 2: Learning the Art of Observation & Awareness
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Week 3: It is Time to Write a New Story
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Week 4: The Power of Closing Loops
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Week 5: Learning the Art of Goal Setting
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Week 6: Understanding the Anatomy of Emotions
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Week 7: The Art of Acceptance & Commitment
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Week 8: Discovering Our Seasons - Within Us & Outside of Us
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Week 9: Transformation & Change: Pain Now or Later?
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Week 10: When We Get Caught Out By Perfectionism
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Week 11: Deepening Your Relationship with Yourself
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Week 12: The Art of Rituals and Ceremony
Available in days
days after you enroll



You'll receive lifetime access to course content and videos.


You receive education videos teaching you about your hormones, gut health and lifestyle to create a balanced and bio-individual approach to your health.


Each week you are provided with journal check-in prompts to go deeper on this journey of getting to know yourself. Use these questions to find greater clarity and insights on who you are, who you want to be and how you want to feel.


Every person deserves to feel seen and safe, and that is what the foundation of the Private Facebook Community is. When we learn to use our voice in our most vulnerable moments we find expansion and growth that we may not have experienced before. Your magic is ready to be seen.


During each live program you will receive a group coaching call via Zoom every fortnight. This is a wonderful way to connect, ask questions and get the most out of the work in the program. Powerful shifts come when we show up in our fullest expression and face any resistance front on.


You will learn tools and daily rituals that will connect you to your inner world, learn ways to witness your patterns with love whilst learning how to create heart-centred foundations that are built on strong boundaries and a growth mindset.


BONUS 1: Meal Planning ebooks - each with a different focus to provide you with the nutrients you need for healthy hormones and naturopathic wellness, focusing on wholefoods and variety.

BONUS 2: A welcome session + herbal tonic* (*25ml, to Australian & NZ residents only)

BONUS 3: If you join with a friend* you will both receive a 1:1 coaching session valued at $180 (*terms apply, see bonuses for more details and sign up using the correct payment option)


Feel supported with the weekly email providing guidance on what to expect and prepare for throughout the 12-week program.


Pay in Full


Monthly Payment Plan

4 monthly payments


Pay in full for 2 people + free 1:1 session each


Monthly Payment Plan for 2 people + free 1:1 session


This course is for you if: 

• You're ready for change and results whilst learning to be empowered by having a growth mindset when it comes to your mind-body health and wellness. 

• You're open to discovering a new version of yourself.

• You are ready to do the inner work to bring more joy and deeper life connections in.

• You are done with jumping from one thing to the next without ever really giving yourself time to transform.

• You want to say goodbye to old patterns, perfectionism and the hamster-wheel of anxiety and looping thoughts that keep you stuck.

• You are ready for a new found confidence and self esteem. 

• You are ready to feel healthier and sexier than ever before. 

• You are ready to learn more about feminine embodiment and rituals. 

• You are ready to unleash your feminine powers! 

This course is not for you if: 

• You're not willing to change any of your current habits.

• You think that bootcamp or quick fixes are the only way to achieve change.

• You want to starve yourself.

• You don't believe this can help you.

What are you waiting for?


Q: How long do I have access to the course?

A: You'll have access for as long as the course runs (also known as lifetime access). After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

Q: When does the program start and finish?

A: The live component and group support for The Whole Health Project Program will kick-off on the eve of the New Moon on Monday 20th July and go for 12 weeks, finishing on Sunday 11th October. Fortnightly Zoom calls will be confirmed when the final group has come together as this can be dependent on location and time zones (this course is open internationally).

Q: What if I want additional support?

A: During the program you have access to support within the Private Facebook Group and on the fortnightly Q&A zoom calls. However, if you want additional personalised support you can purchase a 1:1 session with Carissa to use within your 12-weeks from date of purchase. This session can be used to dive deeper, gain more clarity, ask questions and give you guidance when you feel 'stuck' in your progress. Ask Carissa via [email protected] or via the Facebook Group to make the purchase.

Q: Is this the price for the whole course or per week?

A: Yes! This is the price for the WHOLE course in charged in $AUD. Please note that payments are made via Teachable and the amount deducted from your account may differ due to your local currency and exchange rates on the day of purchase.