Q: Is this course still available?

A: This course is now only accessible to those who completed the live program. If you are interested in joining the next round, please refer to the home page for the next live program date or email: [email protected]

Q: If I completed this program, how long do I have access to the course?

A: You have access for as long as the ongoing programs are running (also known as lifetime access). If there are any changes to accessibility you will be notified.

Q: When does the next live program start and finish?

A: The live program is constantly being added to and growing with our community. Please look on the main homepage or email [email protected] to find out when the next live program is scheduled.

Q: Is this program only open to Australians?

A: This course is run as an online program and does not cover any individual Naturopathic health plans, therefore it is open to everyone internationally.

As there are live Q&A components we aim to schedule these once we know everyone's location to ensure we can capture a suitable time for most.

Q: What if I want additional support?

A: If you are looking for coaching support you can can purchase a 1:1 session with Carissa via the website: www.carissacrosdale.com.

If you are looking for health support with Naturopathy or Nutrition this is open to Australian and NZ residents by booking online. If you are international we do have access to international practitioner-only dispensary's, however, there are some variables around legal limitations, so please email [email protected] to discuss your needs. If Carissa is unable to support she may be able to point you in the right direction / person / testing in your country.